Monday, June 29, 2009

Prince of Darkness Review


Prince of Darkness, John Carpenter's 10th feature film, is the story of a Priest (played by Donald Pleasence), who finds a Mysterious cylinder full of green fluid. The Priest then contacts Prof. Howard Birack and his group of Physics Graduate Students to investigate it. After the group discovers that the cylinder is the essence of evil, and that it is trying to escape, they have to find a way to stop it.

Prince of Darkness is a very slow movie, and at some points hard to follow, but when it gets going, IT GETS GOING. The end of this film is absolutely incredible, and it has one of the most subtly disturbing scenes i've ever seen on film. In this scene one of the women trys to stop another woman who has been possessed, from bringing Satan into the world through a mirror portal. so she shoves her back through the portal and falls in herself. The Priest then throws an axe at the mirror to keep the devil out, but traps her inside as well forever. This scene is incredibly powerful. The movie is also loaded with lots of great gore, and makeup effects.

Prince of Darkness is one of those films that gives you nightmares for nights after you see it. It's incredibly powerful and I would certainly recommend it.

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